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The website will not be responsible for any damaged, defective goods been delivered or barter by barter now members. Within 24 hrs of registration if the members on barter now fail to complaint about their cancellation and refund request, they will not get any refunds. No members on barter now can post their products or any other things for selling or for gaining money.

Members are further prohibited to post any comments which may hurt any person’s individuality, religion, color etc

No bad words are allowed on this website, in case of a member found using any such terms, he will be terminated for one month.

The person can continue the services after one month giving a brief explanation of such behavior via writing an email to barter now. If this explanation is found appropriate by the website administrator, only then he will be allowed to continue with the membership. It is the duty of the registered members to verify the person from whom they are bartering their products to avoid any dispute. In case of any dispute arising from barter members, such members should be reported to barter now email. They will be blocked for a period of 1 month, if found involved in such activities of dealing bad goods, things etc. Drugs related things are not allowed for barter or any alcoholic things.

Members will have to submit or upload their latest photo id proof copy which is recognized by government of India, along with residential address proof (latest) copy before they start barter Every person on barter now should be above the age of 18 yrs. Any minors who want to join barter now will have to take a consent letter from their parents/guardians for joining barter now.