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Barter now is a unique way of exchanging things to each other. Through barter now you can exchange your new or old things to any other person for anything that the person is offering. This means you now don’t have to use money to buy anything on barternow. Let’s understand by giving you an example.

person named as X is a registered barternow member.

A new person Y has joined as a member as well. X has just advertised by using barternow blog that he wants to barter his cricket bat. He finds “Y” who has offered a football through barter now blog. He asks Y for barter, Y agrees. Both members use their respective courier to send the products to each other. Barter is completed. Both members can prior inspect the goods by meeting in person, in case of a local barter. If they want they can exchange photos and videos recently taken of the goods to be barter or before doing barter.